Monday, July 13, 2015

July 13

Heyy! So this week was pretty great!! We had a lot of success this week for sure. We had a mission wide challenge to see who could find the most investigators and set baptismal dates with them. Out of all the areas in the whole mission, my comp and I won with 33 new investigators! We found so many new people this week!! It was pretty great! So right now we are teaching a lot of people which is great! Besides working hard this week, nothing else really happened. haha. I did learn most of " La Bamba" on guitar this week, which is fun. If you guys want to send me sheet music for guitar for some songs, that would be great. Nothing in particular. I loved that karaoke song performed by Paige, Peyton, and Mia. It was awesome. You guys should send me that actual song. I really like it. Idk why. But I hope everything is going great there! You guys seem like you are having a lot of fun lol the other day, I was so hot because its been getting really hot here lately. I felt like jumping into a pool, but since I'm a missionary, lol, I couldn't do that, so I took the coldest shower ever and it reminded me of the pool. It was great. #lifeofamissionary. I hope you guys are doing great though! Love and miss you! Elder Cowan Brady
*Say 'hi¨ to the beach for me. It has been getting crazy hot here. I ordered a few more Elder Brady nametags last week, so when I get them, Iĺl be sending one to you guys. You can stick it on the fridge or something.
About the possible parasite...My appetite is gone. I haven't eaten that much lately because everything I eat ends up hurting my stomach. My comp had a parasite when he was in Mexico and there is this other guy in the mission that weighed 240 lbs, got a parasite and now is super skinny.


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