Monday, July 6, 2015

July 6

Hey! So, this week was a great week! It kinda felt long, but it was good! However, I'm excited to email. I'm in the same area, so you can continue to send letters here! English for days. lol. I got a new companion though. His name is Elder Velez. He is from Utah but his parents are from Columbia and he was raised speaking English and Spanish. He served a year in Mexico and then came to this mission and he's been here for 6 months now. There's good and bad about every companion, but the good thing about this companionship is that we're working really hard. We worked super hard this week, were really focused on the work and had a lot of success! This week we found 13 new investigators and set baptismal dates with almost all of them. We are teaching this Spanish family right now and set baptismal dates with all 4 of them. They are a good family and could easily get baptized early next month, if we work for it. We also found another family yesterday and set baptismal dates with 3 of them. They are an awesome family. We also set baptismal dates with another family this past week, so we've had a lot of success. I was thinking last night of a commitment that I could give you guys. Something that would make the missionaries there so happy. I thought of this. If the missionaries are doing there job right over there, they will be asking you for people you know that they can teach. I want each of you to give them someone you know that they could teach. Earlier in the week, we helped this family move. They were moving to San Antonio because of some difficult circumstances they were in. We taught them a little about our basic beliefs and then we called the missionaries in San Antonio to see if we could get them to help them unload once they got to San Antonio. Members showed up that day and the lady came to church yesterday with her kids. We told her that if she wanted to see a surprised look on the missionaries faces up there that she should tell them that she wanted to be baptized, because she did. haha. That was pretty cool, though. Please pray for me this week to have success and people at church this Sunday. Hope everything is great there! Love and miss you guys lots, Elder Cowan Brady
I want to share one more experience I had this week with you guys. It happened on Tuesday. A super great experience that I've never really had to that extent. Theres a less active family that we have in our ward. Its that family that we've been going over too that committed to church that hadnt been to church in forever! But we went over there on Tuesday. For some reason, I really like visiting this family because talking to the mom always puts me in a great mood. She really reminds me talking to Maria, Ashley's mom. Same exact personality. But a few days before we visited them, her pregnant had a very scary experience with her baby. The baby was too low in the womb. So this situation stressed out the family a ton. But we went to the moms house and I told her that I just wanted to share one scripture with her. I started reading the scripture and half way through I look up and she is bawling her eyes out. I continued to finish the scripture and bore my testimony on it. The spirit was super strong and the lady looks at me and told me" Elder Brady, that scripture is exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you." It just gave me a super good feeling. super powerful experience.
BTW, I weigh 150 now, so I lost 15 lbs. We aren't sure if it's from a parasite, though.

There were a bunch of fruit trees in the back of this lady's yard
and she gave us permission to take some.
There were lemons, oranges, grapefruits and other stuff.

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