Monday, June 29, 2015

June 29

Heyyy! What's up?? Well, this week was a pretty good week. It was the last week of this transfer! So I find out tonight if I stay and if I get a new companion. So, if you send any letters this week, send them to the mission office until further notice. But this week was good. We had zone conference on Wednesday. That was really good. Also, we sang and played guitar and it sounded really good...the first time I've played in front of a real audience besides Paige's talent show. I just heard about the gay law that passed the other day, so I'm sure we'll get asked as missionaries a lot about that from random people. It was funny, though. The other day we went by this less active familiy's on an exchange. My usual companion left to go to a different area and a different elder came and worked with me in our area. My normal companion is a little too prideful doing missionary work and is a little too formal, so it was interesting working with someone else. The elder I worked with is not like that at all. But, this less active family was one that was going to be really hard to get to church or progress with. But, on this exchange, we were super chill with them and we actually got the parents to commit to church, which has never been done before. We also got 4 referrals from them, which was a miracle. It was good though because my normal companion got really humbled from this experience and is starting to change, which is good. Another thing that happened this week is that I gave 3 blessings to people, which usually doesn't happen that often. It was cool to be able to do that, though. I also got a blessing today for myself which was the first blessing I got on my mission. Apparently you're supposed to get a blessing more often than that on the mission, so the elders were surprised when I told them that was the first blessings I'd gotten on my mission. But, besides that not too much happened this week. I'm interested to see what happens for transfers haha. It's always exciting. Love you guys. Have a great week. I'm not exactly sure what size pants I need yet so I'll let you know. I'll probably still grow a little so I'm not sure what I should get. Have a great week! Always look forward to letters and pictures that I can have in my hand. Elder Brady. PS: on 4th of July we have to be inside at 6 pm, so I'll just be hanging out that night which is fun.

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