Monday, June 8, 2015

June 8

Hey! So, this week was pretty good! I really appreciated the packages
and stuff. The capo really helped too. I've been playing guitar a ton
this week. This less active member gave me a guitar strap which is
really helpful too. I've learned a lot more hymns. It's really funny,
though. We went over to this less active family's that is struggling and
I brought my guitar over there and played some music for them. They
loved it so much that they want us to come over again and requested
that I bring my guitar. lol. She ended up coming to church this week for
the first time in forever. That was cool. She also ended up bearing
her testimony and mentioned the missionaries in it, but it was cool.
This other less active family invited us to come over too. She used to
play guitar a little, but she loved it when we played and sang for her.
This family also hadn't come to church in forever. We played some songs
for the family and the other people that were over there and they
loved it. We asked them if they'd come to church and they were still
hesitant about it, so I promised that if they came to church, I'd bear
my testimony for them. They liked that, so promised they would
definetly be at church. To me, that was a tender mercy. It was pretty
cool. Besides that, we taught a few other people, but nothing too solid
yet. Tonight we are going to the church at 6:30 to watch Meet the
Mormons. There should be a bunch of nonmembers and less actives there,
so it is a good teaching opportunity. This week, I went on an exchange
with a Greenie. It was super funny because I took him to this spanish
non member family and we sat down with them. He had no idea what they
were saying, but I was having a conversation with them. I remember
being where he was at, though. I used to not be able to understand
anything. But, it was nice to sit down and actually use my Spanish. It
was good to know that I didn't really lose any of it. But, that was
about all that happened this past week. Keep sending letters and stuff.
I love it. It's something to look forward to in the middle of the
week when things start to get tough. Hope everything is good, though.
Elder Brady

Yep, we're in Texas!

Weird picture I took at night of the full moon
My comps...I love it!

Random tree growing through someone's porch

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