Monday, June 1, 2015

That's Weird

I just tried twice to send a message but something always happened.
But this week was good. tHe weather was a little stormy. It rained a bunch which was nice. Its hard seeing a bunch of people swimming and pools here and stuff and not being able to swim. But I still havent received any letters or packages yet so hopefully that stuff makes it here. I'm in Texas A&M right now which is cool. Its in my area.
Nothing too crazy has happened here though. Its crazy that its June already. This week marks 6 months that I have been out on my mission.
The past 2 months have felt the slowest just because I've moved around more than usual and dont have time to really settle in anywhere. We did have this one guy yesterday threaten to kill us. He was cussing out. He had a bunch of weapons outside of his house lol but he said he was going to shoot us. Idk why but that made me crack up. I was laughing after we left that house. Its crazy that so many missionaries die in car crashes. Thats happened here pretty recently. There was also this one missionary here that ran away a couple of months ago.
Elder Perry died too which is big news. We've taught some good lessons this week to some pretty cool people. Still getting used to the area.
I went to the bank today to solve that 10$ situation and I actually kind of had a missionary experience with the lady there. She was super cool. She noticed I was from Georgia so she asked me some questions about what I was doing here and everything. I have been playing the guitar a ton lately and have continuted to learn some new chords.
We're still singing and playing for families here. I want to get a guitar strap so I can play on the streets. I feel like we would get more people that way. It would be easier to approach them playing music. But besides that, theres not too much happening here. Hope everything is good there! Miss you guys! Have a great week.Hopefully the packages get here! Elder Brady

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