Monday, June 15, 2015

June 15

Hey, so this week was pretty good! We had this big competition going on all week with all of the missionaries. There was a bracket and everything. We did really well. We got 3rd place. Each day you would face a different companionship and battle for something. For example, who could get more new investigators, or people committed to church. So, that made things more fun. I've been continuing to play guitar for just about every family. I've been singing too. It's super fun. There was even this one day that I walked around with the guitar and strap and was playing hymns for ppl on the street. I thought that was really fun. It is getting a lot hotter here, but its not a big deal to me. I'm used to it from Georgia. It's probably the same there. Yesterday I gave a talk at church about faith. It actually went really well. I'm getting better at putting my thoughts on paper because all I had when I gave my talk was a Book of Mormon and a few note cards. There was a few people that cried during my talk and then there were a lot of people that came up to me after and congratulated me, which I really appreciated. It was funny, though, because during my talk, I shared this quote "Faith can move mountains, but sometimes it starts with a shovel" and this black guy on the front row had a huge smile and talked to me about it after. But, that was fun to speak. Besides that, there wasn't too much that happened this week. It's stormy today kinda. We actually got a text from the mission president this morning asking if anyone spoke sign language because I think theyre opening up a sign language area, which is cool. I might go look for some pants still. The ones I have are really getting shorter on me. I think I'm growing. Also, if you could look for a cheap recording device or something. That way I could send you recordings of some things that happen during the day or of us singing and playing guitar. That's about it, though. I hope you guys are doing great! Love you guys! Elder Brady

Twin brothers in our ward

twin brother 

One of the fathers in our ward got a signature from John F Kennedy for
being the one to protect the first black person to go to school. He
was part of the border patrol in Mississipi.

the letter


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