Wednesday, February 4, 2015

2 months gone

So, it's February. I'll definitely need some more money for food and stuff. I'm fine right now because of all the cash you guys gave me and walmart gift card. and they have a lot of grocery stores here and they have that stuff. This week was good. And I'll try to go the bank. I'm just always really, really busy and we can only do that stuff on P Day. But, this week we got 3 people to commit to baptism on the 22nd. And, we had about 15 people commit to going to church. It's pretty great. But, it stinks because yesterday we got a call saying that this area called Riverbend won't be in our area anymore, and that is where all of our investigators are. So, now we basically have no one in our teaching pool. These new sisters are going to be in that area now, which isn't fair because we did so much work on that area and things were finally starting to get really good. We had a competition this week with the district and my companion and I had the most members present in our lessons. So, we win something. We're going to some zoo today at like 2. One of our investigators has a recording studio in their house and they make music. We were in there the other day teaching them and we were rapping one of the scriptures. It was so funny. The family got a laugh out of that. We also wrote a huge rap with the guys in our apartment and we all performed it in front of the zone. It was awesome. It definitely got everyone excited. I had a really tough day the other day, though. I got really frustrated with the language. It made me really mad and no words were coming to me. It made everything so hard on me. And then, I still miss home. Not sure if that's ever going to go away. I wouldn't say I miss home, though, I just miss my friends and stuff and all of the people. The music is pretty great to listen to, though. Put the song ¨Hallelujah¨ on whatever you send me. I love that song. Also put this song called ¨Steal My Show¨ by Toby Mack, or something, and lots of songs. I can listen to a lot of music, which is good. One of our other investigators is named Isa. We set a baptismal date with her, but we found out by her friend that her dad died in a car crash about 5 months ago and it has totally been destroying the family. So, we're going to visit them and hope to help them out. I've definitely seen a lot of sad things here as far as family situations and economic situations with some people. I'm nowhere near fluent as far as Spanish goes. I learn more everyday, and can understand a lot of what people say, but I still am learning to put it all together. I'm being too hard on myself, though, because I've only been here for 3 weeks. But, I miss you guys. I still don't have too many pictures yet. There's not too much to take pictures of here. This one person we are teaching posted a picture of me on instagram, though. Her name is 9Celia or something on instagram. I miss you guys and I'm here. And, as far as the mail address. I'd probably just send it to the mission office because I don't want you to send it to my address and it not to get to me. If you want to do a test mail then my address here is 1900 Coffee Port Road. Apt. F6. Brownsville, TX 78521 . You can try that out and see if it works. But, I love you guys. and keep sending stuff. I actually haven't gotten anything yet besides the CD's Mimi sent, but I'll let you know when I do. I've definitely learned a lot here already and I'm still going. Elder Brady

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