Saturday, January 31, 2015

2 Weeks Down

So, it has been a pretty good week. Dallin H. Oaks came and talked to all of the missionaries here, so I got to shake his hand too. He's hilarious. And, grocery shopping is fine. There's a lot of healthy food here, because there's an HEB right next to our apartment. It's walking distance. The mission is hard, but it's fun. I don't know why, but this week I was really home sick. I listen to a lot of music, so if you could send me some inspirational music too that would be great. There are a few speeches that I'd like to have. One is called ¨I'll Show You How Great I Am.¨ Another one is called "We are Champions,¨ or something. The Elders here all have ipods with music on them. They also have speakers that they connect to them. Anything that doesn't have a bad message and you can feel the spirit is okay. So, if you want to do something like that you can. But, I really like the motivational speeches. Another speech talks about "The Why." I like that. But, I've been missing home a lot this week. My Spanish is getting better. I'm still not fluent, but I can talk with people about a lot of things...still improving on that. Sometimes it's frustrating because people talk really fast here and I don't know exactly what they're saying, but I'm hoping that will come. Tell Ashley that I miss her. lol. I get to drive here, which is still nice, but, it's tough here. I struggle down here. There are some days that are so great, but then there are others that I struggle more. And also, send all letters to the mission office because I think our apartment address is wrong or something and the missionaries haven't been getting letters. so send them to the mission office and I'll be sure to get them. Also, if you send me a letter, ask Lauren what her old roommate's family's last name was and the area they live because I'd like to meet them. We're starting to teach English lessons here this Friday. Ha ha. They're teaching us Spanish and we're teaching them English. It's pretty funny. My companion is from Viriginia. He's cool, but sometimes he gets a little too serious. We're both from the east coast, so he's like the only one that knows what Kroger is. I'm learning a lot about myself out here. I'm learning about my weaknesses and strengths. They seem to be a lot more obvious out here for some reason. Ha ha. I've never thought of myself as humble, but everyone keeps telling me that. They also tell me that I obey whatever they say and I'm really easy to work with, which is good, but idk. Hopefully, things get better out here as far as missing home. I thought I was over that stage, but I guess not. He aprendido mucho espanol aqui. De hecho puedo hablar con mas personas, Y mi vocabulario es mas grande. La gente aqui usa palabras diferentes de mexico. Pero, en mi area, no hay mucho Tex Mex. He oido que en otros areas, es peor. Pero, me gusta Brownsville. Definitely the hardest 2 years ever, but I've learned a lot. And I've always thought a mission was a full 2 years, but it isn't. It's always less, so I thought that was weird. The next transfer is in 4 weeks, but you could count every 6 weeks from then and be able to know when my mission is done. I haven't tried it, lol, but one of the missionaries has that is going home soon. But, I hope everything is well with you guys. Gift cards are always great. Make sure to send music and send all letters to mission office. I liked the CD that you guys sang on. If you could get Ashley on one, that it would be great. But, I'm doing okay, I guess. As I said before, it's basically Mexico. Each sunday we go to 6 hours of church. One ward is Spanish and one ward is English, but everyone in both wards speaks Spanish, so it's funny. The English ward is basically every Hispanic person that wants to learn English or that has already learned it. Don't forget about me here. It's definitely hard, but I believe it will be worth it. But Cuidanse! y tengan un buen dia. Elder Brady
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