Thursday, January 1, 2015

Less Than Two Weeks Left at the CCM

Hey! So, this week has been so boring, but so eventful at the same time. I got a haircut today by one of the elders. Someone brought hair cutting stuff, so this was his first time giving a haircut, but it looks great. lol. We tried the fade away technique. One of the elders in our district got sent home early this morning, so we have 3 elders in this companionship now. Elder Stanley joined Elder Volkman and I. But, its crazy, next week is my last P Day at the CCM. We leave December 12th at 2 am for McAllen. I'm so ready to teach. My Spanish has gotten even better this week, but hopefully after 6 months, I will be able to say anything. That's what I'm hoping. I already talk tons in Spanish now. Mi maestro me pregunto si yo puedo entender todo que el esta diciendo y yo puedo! He says I have a Latino accent and that I'm basically a Latino. Its pretty funny. And send some pictures through the website. I love the pictures you sent, but I can't print them off, so, I can't really look at them. So, things are a little different here, and I actually was having a pretty tough week earlier. It's really complicated,but it got a little better last night. I really appreciate your letters and Ashley's too. She said she came and talked to you guys for a while. She gave me some good ideas for Hispanic New Year's traditions, so I will probably be doing some of those. lol I've been teaching some of the younger missionaries Spanish. I can't wait to see how fast I improve once I hit the mission field and start to gain experience. Keep me in your prayers. I'm expecting a lot of packages once I get to McAllen. JK It's alright here. I'm ready to get out of the CCM. I've heard from Mimi that Christmas was pretty great. It honestly doesn't even feel like New Year's Eve today. All holidays here feel the same. And every time I hear music now it makes me miss home. It's hard not being able to listen to music. I only miss music, however, when I have a song stuck in my head. Some people in my district say I'm adopted or I'm the gardener's son, lol, because I look 3 shades darker than all of you guys and because all of the Hispanics here just come up to me and start talking to me. I don't know why they choose me, but I've taken a lot of pictures with random Mexicans that I don't even know. I'm hoping things here start to pick up a little. Keep the letters coming and send pictures. I really appreciate them. And I think that when I leave to McAllen, my P Day will be changed to Monday, but I'll keep you guys updated. Feliz Ano Nuevo. No me olviden. Oren siempre. Tengan un buen dia y digan a Ashley que le extrano! 23 mesas es nada. Les amo! 

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