Thursday, January 1, 2015

Feliz Navidad!

Hey! So, not too much has happened this week, but it's getting a little better! I'm still ready to get out of here and go to McAllen!! Please send as many letters as possible and I'm still waiting for those pictures. The quality of the last pictures were great!! Send more of the family and of Ashley!...and just some pictures on my Instagram that you think I would like! Megan will probably find the best ones, so ask her. And another reminder, I'll be calling again tomorrow at 10 am and I will call Dad's number! Tell Lauren to keep the letters coming and to send me that trick deck of cards! I can have them here! And tell her I can't write back until I get to McAllen because letters take 3 weeks to get out of Mexico.   It's not too strict here. However, I cant listen to music until I get to Mcallen, so there's no need for a CD player here. And the food is good. They always have a salad bar here with basically everything and I use that dressing, so I am maintaining my health. Today it was raining, so we played broom hockey in our casa. There aren't any people in our house besides 4 people in my district, so the whole district always comes over for games and stuff. The other people that used to live there were Hispanic, so they only spent 2 weeks here. I've also played soccer just about every day, so that's great! Ha ha! I know a lot more people here now. I don't know why, but a lot of people seem to know my name. I also took a picture with this Hispanic dude whose first name was Brady, but i didn't take many pictures this week. There weren't many things to take pictures of. There is this one game called the spoon game where you try to hide a spoon on someone without them knowing. That has kept us pretty busy! I miss you guys and Merry Christmas! or Feliz Navidad here! Hablare mas en espanol proximo semana pero Estoy recibiendo cartas ahora. Pero tengan un buen dia. Hablare con ustedes luego. Estoy aprendiendo mucho! no olvidan los fotos o los otras cosas y recuerdan el nacimiento de Jesucristo. Es la cosa mas importante durante este dia de festivo! Feliz Navidad!
Con amor, Elder Brady

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