Monday, April 13, 2015

What's Up?

First things first, my new address is 1501 Sam Houston St. Apt: 9F, Harlingen Texas, 78550. Okay, so my new area is in the same stake as the last one, but its like 20 minutes away. It's a little more north, but the area is still filled with Spanish people and that's the biggest thing I was worried about. ha ha. My area is called Dixieland, but its a super awesome area! I have tons of members here and they're all super awesome and it's so much easier to find investigators here. My area is a bike area, so no more car for me for a while. One of our investigators's name is Andrew, but he goes by "BAM'. He's a gold medalist in the Olympics for boxing. His trainer was Sugar Rey Leanord, or something like that, who I heard is a really good boxer. So that's pretty cool. It's funny down here. All of the people down here kind of say I have a little bit of a Georgia accent when I speak English, which is weird to think about. When I speak Spanish though, I don't have an accent. When I was walking the other day, me and my comp got eaten a little bit by a Cactus. We rubbed up on it a little and all of these pokey things stuck to our arm. They didn't hurt too much, but they were super annoying for a day. They're so tiny that its hard to take them out. Another funny thing that happened was when we were at a door. All of a sudden a big dog comes out and just starts peeing on my bike. Right on the tires. But my companions name is Elder Browning. He's from Washington State. None of my companions have been from Utah yet, which is surprising. But yeah, send me a package and letters now that you have the address. The people in the apartment here are awesome. It was an answer to prayers because my companion and all of the others here are really obedient, but super fun and that's what I wanted. It's funny. The other elders in Brownsville emailed me saying that they miss me and that the apartment isn't the same anymore, so I guess things have changed over there. Me and the elder who's there now just switched places, so now he's in my old area. It's cool though because one of the families in our apartment complex has a brother that lives in my old apartment complex, so if we ever need to give the other elders something or if we forgot anything at the transfer, they get it for us. The families in my area right now are families that I'd want to visit after the mission because they're super cool. But yeah, the missions still really hard but its getting a little better I think. I wish I was surrounded by people that didn't speak English in the apartment though because I'm trying to totally eliminate English from my mouth,
unless I'm speaking to investigators that don't know Spanish. Glad you guys had fun at Stone Mountain and everything. Have a super good week. Elder Brady

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