Monday, April 20, 2015

What's Uppp?

Hey! So, this week was pretty good! There are a few changes that happened and I wouldn't say I'm really happy with them, but there's nothing I can do about it. So, they decided to do units for each ward. So, now we only have 3 companionships in the English ward and I'm one of them, which means we only teach English people now. I'm afraid my Spanish is going to go down hill this transfer because I don't speak as much now. All of the Spanish investigators that we find, we have to hand them to the Spanish Elders. I still use my Spanish on the street, but not that much anymore. I don't even go to the Spanish Ward. But,that's that. Also, our area that we're in tripled in size and we're still on bikes, so it's gonna be crazy.
But, I like biking a lot. It was tiring for the first week, but I've gotten in good shape, so we are cruising as a companionship now. It has gotten pretty hot here, but it's nothing bad yet. The wind from biking keeps you from sweating, but as soon as you stop, you get drenched in sweat. It even rained here a few days this last week. It was an alright week though. Mothers Day is at the end of this transfer, which means I get to Skype you guys. Idk if I have a Skype account, so that might have to be something that we work out before the time comes. Also, we are having a concert with all of the missionaries on May 9th, which is cool. I'm playing violin for one song and I'm doing a duet with someone for another song. It's going to be at a big park. Members will be coming, investigators, and just about everyone. It's supposed to be a huge turn out. Some of the missionaries will be going around throughout the concert and trying to meet and teach people, so it will be a good missionary activity. So, that's cool. One of our recent converts that lives in our apartments got in a fight the other day. We came at the very end of it. It all started with not keeping dogs on leash. The neighbor had a few pitbulls that he wouldn't keep on a leash. They discussed it, but the other neighbor starting talking with an attitude and messing with him, so he just punched the guy. The guy starting bleeding pretty bad but then the guys friend starting fighting too, so it was 2 on 1. They all ended up going to jail. But Kevin, our recent convert, is out now. The guy he punched is the son of the owner of the apartments, so they are moving, but they'll still be in our area. It gets pretty crazy here. There are a lot of interesting people here. It's mostly a Catholic population, but there are tons of Jehovah Witnesses here too. But, it was a pretty good week. I taught Gospel Principles class yesterday, which was fun. People said they really liked the lesson. It's a lot easier to teach Gospel Principles after being a missionary for this long. Keep sending letters, if you can. Hopefully, you can find the right address. [I am pretty positive it's Sam Houston STREET] The mission office should have any details if you guys have any questions. Hope you guys have had a great week!! Continue to pray for me! Elder Brady.

Spanish member that we have to leave behind

Flooding at the beginning of the week
Flooded path we ride

Poisonous snake some rednecks killed and skinned
Some family's pet raccoon in their backyard
Our Apartment Complex

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