Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Last day of April

Hey! So, this week was alright. I thought it was pretty boring myself. It wasn't the best week for sure. Nothing really exciting happened. I've started writing random stuff that happened, though, so I have stuff to write about. But, this week, I saw a Blockbuster, which I thought was funny, so I decided to tell you guys about it. But, this week we've had a lot of bike trouble. On Monday or Tuesday last week, I fell off my bike once and got a little scraped up. About 2 seconds after that, my companion's pedal fell off. The next day, a little part broke on my bike, so I bought the part to it the other day. It only cost 20 dollars. I thought it was going to be more. And now my companion's bike is broken again. And I'm waiting for some guy in the ward to put the part I bought back on my bike. So, we both aren't riding our bikes. The day my bike broke, though, we were far away from our apartment and we had to get to an appointment, so I had to run with my bike all the way back. It was super tiring and then once we got back, the appointment was canceled and then we had to fast for someone that night, so it was a pretty exhausting day. But, there's honestly not much happening here. Church was fun yesterday because I taught primary and the kids are awesome. I hope you guys are doing well. Keep sending letters and some recent pictures too. I got the pictures you sent me and I like them and I got the letters you sent. It feels like forever ago that I left for a mission now. It's weird. But, I'll be able to skype soon. I'll see if I can do it on the person's skype account that I use. But, send me your skype info or something so I can add you guys as a contact. I've been picking up guitar a little more while I've been here. I've learned some more chords and I'm going to keep practicing. The concert we have will now be on May 15th. I was going to sing a song called Dream Big, but they changed it up now, so now we'll be doing something with a member in our area and a non-member, just so they get more participation. Any thing you want to send me that you think will be helpful with the language, or just anything that I like, feel free to send it. Have a super good week, Elder Brady

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