Monday, May 4, 2015

5 Months Gone

Hey! Hows it going?? So, to start it off, I get to skype this Sunday!! I told you guys that it will be about 6 o'clock, but that will be 6 here, so its 7 o'clock there. Just a heads up. And, that google thing isn't loading right now. So, if it doesn't load on Sunday, I'm screwed. But, this week was alright. It started off with a surprise. Last Monday it started off with a surprise. We ran into this guy from Utah that came down here for work. He said he'll be staying down here and then he gave us a 140 dollars. It looked like just 20 dollars, but inside wrapped up was 120 dollars more. We're using it though for someone in the ward that needs it. So, that was a pleasant surprise. Overall this week wasn't too great. I feel like I'm losing a little bit of my Spanish just because I don't have as many opportunites to speak it in this ward. I can still speak it and understand most of it, but not perfectly. So, I'm hoping that changes. But I'm super excited to skype this Sunday! I'm also nervous because its only an hour and once it's over, I'm going to miss it. But, I biked super hard this week since our area tripled in size. So, my legs are toast. lol But, I did have a super good lesson the other day. We were on an exchange in our area and we came to this black guy that I'm cool with. He had 4 friends over. And I taught the Restauracion. BTW, the black guy is from GA too, so he calls me his homie. haha But, the lesson was super good. And the guy, even though he isn't a member, committed his 4 friends to get baptized, and said that he's getting baptized too. The other elder that I was with said I'm really good at talking to black people, so I thought that was funny. But, one of the elders in my district is originally from Mexico City. He has a place down there and said I'm welcome to come stay with him. He says the City is super safe. The only dangerous part of Mexico is the border. So, it sounds like a good option for a vacation of some sort. I've learned the importance of having a good attitude on the mission and being super social. It has helped me enjoy it more. It's still something super hard. And I can't say I do enjoy every day on the mission. I enjoy certain things, but one thing I don't like, is that people focus too much on numbers. Numbers are important, but it shouldn't be the main focus. The main focus should be to bless lives. But, I can say one thing I learned on the mission so far is to not be scared to talk to anyone, older or younger than me. And I've also learned to be super bold when I have to. So, the mission has taught me a lot. I'm grateful for it. It's still super hard and sometimes it's more difficult than other times. The hardest part is just learning to enjoy every moment of it. But, I like it and I know it's good for me. There is this one quote that if you guys could send me it, it would be awesome. It goes something like this, " Serenity is accepting the things you can't change. Changing the things you can change. Wisdom is knowing the difference. [I already sent him the quote.] I love that quote. And one of the missionaries worked for J Dawgs before the mission...the one with that guitar. So, I figured she'd like to know that. But, that's about all that happened this week. I did a lot of helping people move and doing lawn work, but it was a good week. I hope everything is good there. Love you guys.
 Elder Brady

Texas animal of the week...can you identify it? 

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