Monday, May 11, 2015


 Hey! hows it going? It was super fun to get to skype you guys last night. It never seems like long enough, but it was fun. I'm trying to remember what happened this week. So, I know we taught a lot of lessons to this one 10 year old that is planning on getting baptized, probably a few of his siblings too.Wednesday we taught a Book of Mormon class. We found 7 new investigators this week, which is pretty good. But, this week was pretty typical. I did take some good pictures of this owl and this raccoon which I think you'll like. But, it really was so good talking last night. I especially appreciate all of the packages and everything you guys have sent me. It's so good to get letters during the week when I don't expect them. This is the last week of the transfer, so, things could be changing a little bit after this week. But, not too much is going on right now. I'll try to take more pictures of my surroundings here. I'll also try to send out a letter today. Even P days are pretty busy. And then today we have a huge FHE with tons of investigators and missionaries. I was wondering, though, if you guys know what the missionary schedule is like. Just so you have an idea of about what I'm doing for some of the day:
6:30 Wake up and excercise
7 Get ready for day
8 Personal study
9 Comp Study
10 Spanish Study
11 Lunch/ District meeting/Role plays
12 or 1 or 2 or 3 - planned lessons and whatever else depending on how long of a meeting we have.
But, that's the first half of the day.
I'd love to get some recordings of you guys or whatever else. But, I hope you guys have a great week. Take care! Elder Brady

In the care package from mi familia

Some animals we encounter in South Texas:

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