Monday, May 18, 2015

End of another transfer

Hey hows it going?? Some of this week was great and some of it sucked. Its hard being here. The transfer ends tomorrow. My companion is probably leaving because he got called to be a district leader. Besides that, no one knows if theyre leaving or staying yet. But I appreciate the letters and everything. I miss you guys! I miss Ashley! The mission is great but it sucks so much! Im going to send some letters out today so be expecting those. I think Lauren said that she sent a package but I didn't get it if she did sent it. it is sam houston drive though. I did have this one really fun day here though this week. It was on wednesday night and thursday. I was with these 2 elders and we were in a trio. We played soccer that we set up with the spanish branch and that was fun. I think we're playing a little soccer today too. But on the exchange, we saw so many kids outside and ended up taking pictures with them. It was super fun. Hopefully I get a good companion this transfer too. I'm hoping I become senior companion and get somebody younger than me on the mission, or the same age on the mission. That would be super fun. But not too much happened this week. I do have one request for a capo for the guitar. It would be useful. I did learn how to play hallelujah on the guitar now which is fun. I'm trying to learn a bunch of songs. Hopefully I can set up a Soundcloud and put all of my videos on there. Thats the plan. But hope everything is good! Pictures coming soon!
Love you guys! Elder Brady

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