Monday, April 6, 2015

Transfer 2 Down

Hey, so this week actually went pretty well. I watched all of conference and took notes on every single speaker, so those will come in handy. Holland's talk was good. A lot of the speakers talked about marriage this year, so I thought that was pretty funny. But, before I get into detail, I want to tell you guys that I am getting transferred to a different area! We found out today! I'm super excited. Hopefully, I go somewhere besides Corpus Christi or Sinton, but I don't think I will because President knows that my Spanish could help a lot of people out. I was kinda getting tired of my area right now, so I'm excited. My area right now has almost no members and is country, so I'm excited to be going somewhere else. I'll find out my new area and companion tonight. So, don't send letters to my actual address until I get further details, so just send them to the mission office until further notice. I wanted to mention something to you guys about the culture just so you get a feel for how it is here. It's all Hispanics. Sisters greet each other with kisses on the cheek, which is pretty funny. The priesthood isn't as strong here. I've been super obedient this past week. I've been really trying to be a better missionary. There are 3 things that I really learned this week that I'd thought I'd share with you. One is sacrifice. Some things don't seem to hinder the work that much, but if you do them, you don't show sacrifice to the Lord, so this week I took away some of those things to show that sacrifice. It has been really hard and the temptation is always there, but I know that if I avoid the temptation and stay strictly obedient, eventually those temptations will go away. So, I've been good at doing that. I've learned that constantly living a principle, even if you don't see the blessings right away, patience is key through trials and constantly working to stay obedient. The last thing I learned is that there's only one thing we have that God doesn't have. That is our will. If we give it to him, he'll pour blessings upon us. I've been working on that. I've been getting a lot better. The mission is still super hard, but I'm willing to wade through it. I'm excited to find out where I'm going and who my comp will be. I'll probably be saying bye to some families today. But yeah, pictures and everything like that will be nice. It's always exciting to get packages and letters. It's a little sad to leave some of the families I've met here and some investigators I just set baptismal dates with and start over, but it will also be exciting. I passed the 4 month mark, which is good. hah! I switched up my hair, so it looks cool. I'm gonna miss Elder Latu cutting my hair. He makes it look fresh. But, I hope everything is going good there. Las escrituras que me han inspirado. Eter 12:27 Mosiah 2:41 Dios nos bendecira si guardamos los mandamientos y si seamos humildes. Have a super good week. Elder Brady

With my companion, Elder Weeks

the Elders in our apartment 

The library where we email

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  1. This library looks so high tech!! It looks like a college computer lab!