Monday, March 30, 2015

Casi 4 meses

Hey! So, this week has been alright. I've worked super hard this week. I've been studying the language like no other. I've gotten to the point where I can understand a lot. Whenever I tell people I only have 4 months they are really surprised, which is good. The language is hard because I just want to be fluent already. I've learned a lot of new stuff and I can just about communicate with everyone or at least know what they're saying. So thats that. I just need to work on thinking faster and speaking faster in the language. Theres a lot of words in english I never knew what they meant so its hard translating so my spanish vocab will probably be bigger than english. And I got the Ukelele safely. And I got lauren and collins letter. That was apreciated. I'll try to send you guys a letter today. Ashley really liked the gifts haha which is good. Keep sending simple stuff like that. I really like it. And I'll need some scripture case for my spanish scriptures. Once thing I do now when we proselyte is to only care the spanish book of mormon. It forces me to back whatever I say up since theres no bible to support the scriptures we share. It also helps me to learn more about the book of mormon. So thats good. I've been studying really hard to improve my understanding, spanish, and teaching skills. Keep keeping in touch with Ashley. She loves seeing paige and peyton and mia. The zone is going to the zoo today but we are all out of money this month so we cant go, plus I already went to the zoo so we dont really feel like going. The transfer ends in a week or two so we will see if I stay or go. Also, conference is on sunday so that should be fun. And btw I got the hoodie mimi sent me.I like that. the weather here has been interesting. It's usually super hot by this time but the weather has been different this year. Its been raining more than usual so the weather has remained fairly cooler. Give it a little though. I'm lucky to have a car. But I hope everything is going good there! Love you guys. I think my desires have a grown a little this week so I've been going to work. Pray for me to learn spanish. But hey have a good week! cuidanse lol

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