Monday, March 9, 2015


Soooo, this week wasn't too eventful to be honest. We have a few new investigators but we haven't found anyone super solid to teach. We've met a lot of members but that was the gist of things. But some of the members had guitars at their house, so I would play that. That's always really fun. We went to the mall today and I met someone in Lilburn Stake. His name is Vicente Munoz. He knows everyone in Grayson and Dacula ward and lives about 5 minutes from Sisters Gourmet, so that was really weird to meet him today but super cool. It's exciting to meet someone that lives where you do. My Spanish is coming long. I listen to tons of Spanish music which is exciting. And I can talk to almost everyone without problem which is good. Once I reach a certain point on the mission though, I want to do only Spanish. Elder Latu, the Tongan here, only knew Tongan when he came to the mission, but now he's fluent in English and Spanish too, so that's really cool. He tells us all of his Tongan stories, which are really cool. He moved here about 4 years ago. It's really rainy here today. I learned the Haka, though. (idk how to spell it) We performed it in front of a few families with all four of us in the apartment. It's really funny. It's in the language Mauri. It feels like I've been here forever. This week was pretty tough for a few days. Idk why, but it was pretty tough. I hope you all are doing good. Apparently, there has been some border violence a little here; not in our area but in a different one. Elder Latu, at the beginning of his mission, got shot at when he was close to the border. So, idk if I'll have any stories like that. ha ha. Let's hope not. But, the people here are really nice for the most part. I'm still looking to buy an athletic sweater or hoodie because I need that more than I thought here. I have a ton more ties now too. Elder Latu gave me like 15 of his, so I'm good to go on those. ha ha. Pero, espero que tengan un buen dia y cuidanse. La obra del Senor no espera. I feel like I've gotten taller though. It could just be me, but who nows. Well, Take care and don't forget about me. Elder Brady

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