Tuesday, March 3, 2015

March Babyyyy!

So, this week was pretty good. So, Pete is on schedule to be baptized again. He hasn't been drinking since that one day where he went crazy. So, we'll see what really happens with him. But, good news, my Spanish is coming along. I can understand a lot now and I've become better at speaking. One think I'd really like is some good spanish CD's...not learning Spanish, but actual songs, because we listen to a lot of Spanish songs here and I'm starting to pick up the words. Una de esas cancions es llamado Somos La Luz y esa es mi preferida. But, just songs in general. I've learned a lot of Spanish. My companions always tell me I study so much Spanish, but that's because I really want to learn it. I want to be really fluent after 6 months. I played guitar for this family yesterday. Ha ha..."Butterfly Fly Away,' of course, because that's one of the only ones I know. ha ha. But, they really liked it and wanted to record it. Oh, BTW, I'm in the same area! I'm still in Villanueva which covers Olmito, Rancho Viejo, San Pedro, and some other places. You can go look at those on a map. I don't have any crazy stories this week. We've just been trying to gain trust from all of the members so we can get them to do missionary work because members are the greatest key to success. But, I've learned a lot as a missionary. I continue to learn. I have a new companion. His name is Elder Weeks. He's really chill so we get a long pretty well. Our apartment is super chill now because all 4 of us get along so well. But I hope everything is going well there. I always look forward to letters and everything else that could possibly come in the mail. I've been out for 3 months already which is crazy. 20 months to go, haha, because no missionary serves a full 2 years. You probably didn't know that. But, I'm still working hard. I have a nice tie collection today because Elder Latu, the Tongan in our apartment, gave me tons. He's my favorite Elder here. I've learned a little Tongan from him. Before he came on his mission, he played football and Rugby. He was going to play for the Oregon Ducks, but he decided to go on his mission. But, still keeping up. Love you guys. Que tengan un buen dia.
Elder Brady

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